Jackson-Bibby Awareness Group, Inc. is a State of California and San Bernardino County Licensed Driving-Under-the-Influence (DUI) Education Program providing classes, counseling, and mentoring for the First DUI Offender and Multiple DUI Offender. Serving San Bernardino, Riverside, and other neighboring counties since 1981, we look after both the needs of the client and those of the community.

Our focus is to show the detrimental effects that drinking and driving have on the individual, family, and community. We collaborate with both the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Courts to ensure compliance and help you regain your driver’s license. We are here to help you successfully navigate through the program and provide an experience that will create personal growth and permanent positive lifestyle changes.

All managers and counselors are a CATC and/or ACCBC Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor and many have additional licenses and certifications to help you cope with possible drug and alcohol addiction. We are your guide to successfully getting you back on the road.

“I was emotionally broken when I finally got here. My consequences were horrific for my actions. Thank you, Katherine for supporting me and helping me get through this dark time in my life.” 

(First-Time Offender, Redlands)

I’ve learned a lot due to these classes. Lionel made our class interesting, fun and very informative. This has been a very humiliating experience that has taught me a very valuable lesson.” 

(First-Time Offender, Redlands)

“My first 52 weeks, Gary was an absolute pleasure to spend one night a week with. Made it worth coming so I’d like to thank him as well as the rest of the staff.” 

(Multiple-Time Offender, Redlands)

“The staff was courteous, kind and always more than willing to help their clients. The office staff made sure my paperwork made it to the DMV promptly, so I could get my license back. Thanks to everyone for all your support!”

 (First-Time Offender, Victorville)

“This program has really helped me realize the way I was living and using alcohol wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life. It has brought me closer to friends and family and has helped me make better decisions.” 

(First-Time Offender, Victorville)

“I love and appreciate all the staff here at Jackson-Bibby and want to thank you all for getting me through this class.”

(Mutiple-Time Offender, Victorville)

“Thank you, Debra and Maria. You have made me feel better about myself. I have realized that drinking doesn’t solve my problems, and I have learned that I can be a better person without alcohol.”

 (First-Time Offender, Barstow)

“I have learned things about alcohol, that I had not known before. I have a sponsor now. The staff are excellent people.”

 (First-Time Offender, Barstow)

“Class was very helpful, and my drinking has now reduced to zero. Thank you!

(Multiple-Time Offender, Barstow)